Coming Soon to Sedona, Arizona:
Mount Olympus Wellness Center

Mount Olympus Wellness Center ("The Center") will be the most inclusive and exclusive wellness center in the world, comprising of a medical spa, a world-class luxury resort hotel, an executive golf course, and a housing complex.  The Center will offer hundreds of treatments, anti-aging treatments, plastic/reconstructive surgery, dermatology, laser, and cosmetic dentistry-plus artistic, educational, financial, personal, professional, and spiritual development courses.
The holistic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to enhance a feeling of well-being.  Healing through the sense of smell.  We will educate our clients on the medicinal use of aromatic plants and essential oils.  Aromatherapists will prepare custom-blended recipes or synergies (perfect blends) containing essential oils and willl teach wellness through aromatherapy.
Art Therapy
The creative process involved in the making of art for healing and life enhancement. Through creating art, talking about art, and the process of art making with an art therapist, one can increase awareness of self, cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences, enhance cognitive abilities, and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of artistic creativity.
The ancient Hindu science of health and medicine to prolong life.  Ayurveda provides an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies.  Our healing procedures will include the use of herbs, nutrition, acupressure massage, Yoga, and Jyotish (the contemplation of the divinity expressing as time and space).
Chinese Medicine
A medical science governing the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine.  It includes Chinese medication, pharmacology, herbalogy, acupuncture, massage and Qigong.  Chinese medicine requires the balance of the body's different energies (such as heat and cold, male and female, joy and sadness) and the proper flow of that energy throughout the pathways or meridians.  An imbalance between any of these forces can cause a blockage in the flow of the vital energy traveling through the body along these pathways.  Our clients will typically use acupuncture and herbs to help bring their bodies into harmony and wellness.
Mind Expansion
The creative process to enhance the use of the human brain to accentuate all the senses, thereby improving the ability to harness the brain's full potential.  The results are accelerated learning, improved ambidextrous coordination, improved memory, improved eyesight, improved communication skills, improved musical aptitude, and enhanced imagination and creativity.
Music Therapy
The clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional.  Our therapists will assess the emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, communication abilities, and cognitive skills through musical responses.  They will then design music sessions for our clients using music improvisation, receptive music listening, song writing, lyric discussion, music and imagery, music performance, and learning through music.
Water Therapy
A method of treating diseases by copious and frequent use of water, both internally and externally.  Water can be used as a therapy to wash away tensions and soothe the body after working hard.  Water therapy can also be used to treat muscle aches and pains and to help in the treatment of arthritis and other debilitating conditions.  Water therapy increases a person's range of motion and circulation, improves flexibility, improves balance, and it can help strengthen muscles without hurting joints.
Brine Inhalation Therapy
Clients relax before or after a spa treatment, or as an a la carte service, in a double-sealed room where water that has been saturated with salt from Austria drizzles from slabs of uncut marble, forming dramatic white salt stalactites.  Images of the Greek Islands are projected on the marble slabs, and soft music plays in the background, soothing all the senses.  This therapy works to balance the body's internal pH (acidity measurement) and acts as an anti-inflammatory, helping to clear the lungs and air passages.
Facials, Body Treatments, and Massages
Facials, body treatments, and massages are a necessary part of self-care.  Our exquisite treatments will pamper your skin, as well as your senses.  An array of facials will be offered, including anti-aging, aromatherapy, electrical, full-European, hydrating, and organic.  Body treatments will include anti-cellulite, detox, exfoliation, herbal, hydrotherapy, scrubs, and wraps.  Various massages will be offered, including acupressure, aromatherapy, back, Indian Head Massage, manual lymphatic drainage, pregnancy, scalp, Shiatsu, sports, Swedish, Thai, and therapeutic.
Anti-Aging Treatments
Anti-aging treatments will be designed to restore a youthful look, internally, as well as externally.  Elaborate treatments will be offered, including botanically-based therapies, cosmetic dentistry, laser treatments, light therapy, non-invasive detox programs, nutritional guidance, and plastic or reconstructive surgery.  We will also offer one-on-one consultations with a highly qualified anti-aging consultants, including holistic consultants, skin care consultants, and dieticians.
Vichy Shower Treatment
A luxurious water treatment that detoxifies, hydrates, and is intensely relaxing both spiritually and physically.  It provides pressure point massage jets over your entire body to assist in the relaxation and stimulation of the mind and body.  The treatment is perfect for those that are seeking pure relaxation and a chance to get away from it all.  The Vichy shower is a 7-headed "rain bar."  The rain bar heads can be adjusted to provide either a light rain massage, or a pounding rain to target specific tension areas.
Light Therapy
Light Emitting Diodes (LED) light skin therapy and micronized current therapy employ the application of light energy to the skin for therapeutic benefits.  The energy delivered by the LEDs enhances cellular metabolism, accelerates the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, and stimulates the production of collagen.  These treatments are non-surgical, non-invasive and painless.  They are safe for all types and all ages.
Art, Dance, and Music Therapy
Classes will be taught by expert instructors from all over the globe.  Art classes will include calligraphy, ceramics, life drawing, oil and water color painting, print-making, and sculpture techniques.  Dance classes will include ballet, ballroom, belly dancing, jazz, salsa, and tap.  Music classes will include guitar, piano, and violin.  Our charter will be to promote a healthy balance by understanding the therapeutic value of engaging in the arts. 
Classes and Seminars
A myriad of personal development classes, workshops, educational programs, and wellness seminars will be presented by world-class masters.  The topics will include business, cooking, health and wellness, meditation, personal empowerment, pet therapy, spirituality, sports, and yoga.